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And So It Begins. For Starters… The Government Sucks.

May 2, 2011

Well I’m starting a blog. Ive been thinking about doing it for some time. I wont be telling anyone about it until i have gotten more relevant info on here. Or any at all for that matter. But if you’re here, viewing this right now. Just know that the eventual purpose of this blog is to enlighten people as to the system of control that surrounds them and hopefully bring about an awakening of sorts that will allow us, the people, to take our world back from the elite that seek to control, weaken, and use us. On this blog you will eventually find many many pieces of information. Some easily verifiable and others complete speculation. I wont hold back just because i cant prove something. This is not a news station so don’t expect that all of my info will be completely accurate. Inevitably some will be false because the system of disinformation created by the shadow government is so expansive there is no way not to come across false information. Also do not think that i fully believe everything i post here. I may post something that i truly believe is completely false. But if it carries enough weight to be possible, in the interest of open discussion, i will post it anyway so that we all can draw a better and more accurate conclusion of the events going on around us by way of discussing the relevance, possibility, and interconnectivity of the info i post here. I welcome open discussion and will entertain any theory that has any weight to it whatsoever. So be prepared to see things that you think are ridiculous and things that you know are true. And try to be open minded about all of them. The system we live in is a huge web of lies. Following the strings will inevitably lead to many many “crazy” dead ends but eventually we will find the “spider” so to speak. And when we reach that end i have a feeling many of you will be quite amazed to find what the real truth is. (Not that i know what it is. Just saying its probably much crazier than you or i would expect). As an example of some things people think are crazy that will be brought up here… HAARP weather/earthquakes/mind control, 911 was an inside job, Alien control of our government, aliens not in control of our government but still real, Zionists rule the world, Satanists trying to bring about the end of days, the Illuminati, Obama’s birth certificate, and many other “crazy” theories will inevitably be discussed here. If you are closed minded and CANNOT accept that at least some of these things are at least somewhat possible then please. Do not waste our time with your comments. We welcome logical naysayers of course. there cannot be a proper discussion without people on both sides. But if you are here simply to see “what the crazies will come up with next” please go elsewhere. The shadow government has created many news outlets for sheeple like you. Stations that don’t talk about all the secret things your government does behind your back. So if you dont want to believe then watch the mainstream news as they talk about trivial issues that don’t actually affect your life. I might suggest perhaps FOX news… With that being said i hope this blog can become a place of logical and reasonable debate okay friends!